Why are babies so interested in poop? That is the question of the day, I think! All I know is Matthew thinks his is absolutely interesting! Maybe it’s the squishiness or the stinkyness. Maybe I should go back in time 28 years and ask the younger version of myself that same question. So here’s what […]

Downtown Disney

Matthew had his first Disney experience Saturday. We went on a family trip to Downtown Disney, just for fun. While in the World of Disney store, we found this giant floor to ceiling mirror, and Matthew had the most fun parked in front of it. (Paul had some fun with the camera too!)

Fun with Friends

Matthew and I had the pleasure of spending last Friday with the Plumbs. What a fun time we had! I love any chance we get to spend time with such good friends. Matthew enjoyed it too! Not to mention, the Plumbs have the most adorable babies in the whole world!! During nap time, I got […]

Sparkling Clean Teeth

Since Matthew has 8 teeth, I decided I should be a good mom, and start brushing them so he will have clean healthy teeth. Matthew loves to brush his teeth. I think he likes the way the brush feels on his gums. And he likes to brush them on his own too!

Mischievous little one…

We keep small storage baskets under our coffee table as a place to put Matthew’s toys when they’re not all over the living room floor, and Matthew has decided that they are fun toys too. One day, I was in the kitchen, doing who knows what, and I peeked over the counter to see what […]