Why are babies so interested in poop? That is the question of the day, I think! All I know is Matthew thinks his is absolutely interesting! Maybe it’s the squishiness or the stinkyness. Maybe I should go back in time 28 years and ask the younger version of myself that same question.

So here’s what brought up this yummy and appealing train of thought…hold on, it’s a good one!

Matthew is normally a morning pooper, but today, not so true. Buy dinnertime I’m getting a little concerned because of this wonderful fact. Then just as I’m thinking I should give him some prunes, I hear him grunting and groaning in his pack and play. “Great!” I thought, putting the prunes away. Being the wonderful mom that I am, I sit on the couch waiting until I ‘think’ he’s done, only to look over 5 minutes later to see him studying his fingers with the utmost curiosity. Then, that pit in the stomach feeling hit…was his diaper on all the way? I get up and run over to see if my fears were warranted, and, yup, POOP ALL OVER! I grabbed Matthew and made a beeline for the changing table upstairs, yelling AAAAHHHHH the whole way up. Matthew thought this was quite funny, not much will get a reaction like that out of me. Luckily, I remembered to put a pacifier in his mouth before the incident, so no poo actually made it in his mouth. (Thank goodness!) Just all over his belly, legs, fingers, and don’t forget, under the fingernails! So, as I type this, all of his toys and blankets that were in the pack and play are getting washed, ready for a new day. I’m not sure I really want to repeat this ever again. But, I’m sure I will. It’s one of many adventures in motherhood.

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