So this is what you’re supposed to do with your Cheerios?!?

Seriously, Matthew cracks me up daily!

He He!

Aren’t I cute!

Happy Mama’s Day!

What fun! We spent the whole day at the pool. Matthew is a little fishy, and loved holding a captive audience with his new trick…clapping!! Matthew and his captive audience! Clap! Clap! Clap! Hey Gramps! Don’t I look cute in your hat?

Ummmm…ya this is pretty common

Does this make me a bad mom? Most Sundays Matthew can barely make it through lunch for his nap. Not sure what the difference from any other day of the week. Maybe he plays so hard with his friends?? I dunno. But I do swear that my son can sleep anywhere!

You know your tired when…

you fall asleep in the middle of a diaper change!! I couldn’t believe it! I thought Matthew was taking his nap, after all, I laid him down about 30 minutes ago. All of a sudden, he started crying. Weird, I thought, so I went upstairs to see what the problem was. My nose took care […]


I see you!!

some pics

I’M BACK!! Thanks to the help of my wonderful Hubby, posting will be much easier now! We’ve been up to lots the past month. Matthew is growing like a weed, so much so, that I now have to safety pin his pants on because they are too small around the waist, yet starting to get […]