Well, our little man officially giggles and can say ‘HI’! (ok, maybe it’s me trying to make something out of his fun baby gibberish,but it’s the cutest thing!) Me and Paul are very proud! Matthew has also turned into a couch potato just like his mama…

More Family Fun

This last week Matthew got to meet my Auntie Jeanne for the first time. She flew all the way from Washington to spend time with family and to meet our little man. And as always, Matthew was the perfect little angel is always is when people are around!

Big Boy Shirt

I love this outfit too much not to share…It is Matthew’s first ‘big boy shirt’ that his Grandma bought for him on one of our little shopping trips.

Four times the fun!

From November through February we celebrated 4 births with really close friends. It would have been cool to get all four big bellies together for a before shot, but these will just have to do for the after shot. From left to right there is Matthew, Isaiah, Jaclynn, and Rebekah. Like how Matthew is the […]

Just for Grandma(s)

Just a couple pics for the Grandmas to enjoy…

The Happy Chair

Whoever invented these wonderful bouncing/vibrating chairs for babies is a genius!! No matter what mood our little guy is in, as soon as we put him in this miracle chair, he is instantly alert and smiling! Every mom should have one!!

1 Month Old!

Isn’t amazing how fast a month flies by? It’s hard for me to believe that our little Matthew is a month old today. What have we been up to the last month? Not a whole lot! Mostly eating, sleeping, and changing so many diapers. But the most exciting part of the last month was taking […]