New Toy

Matthew and I had a fun little trip to Wal-Mart on Monday. He even got to pick out a toy if he was good. (like he is anything but charming when we go out!) This is what he picked out with a little bit of my help. I remember playing with something like this when […]

Matthew loves to play the piano!

Herman the Spider

Meet Herman. Herman decided to build his home across our front door one evening. I personally thing it’s a great spot to make a home, that’s one of the reasons Paul & I live here, but I’m really not ready to share my front door with Herman. So bravely Paul went out and gracefully destroyed […]

Silly Monkey!

Gee, I wish Matthew could be just a little bit cuter! ;0)


In what seams like over night, Matthew grew 2 more teeth! That makes the total count 8! And how did I find out Matthew magically has 2 more teeth, you might ask; well, the story goes like this…as is our usual nightly routine, I was getting Matthew in his snuggly jammers, he is giggling and […]

Like a fish!

With help from Grammy Pam, I was able to get some great shots of my little fishy. Matthew loves the water. He loves to try to drink the water. Not that I would let him, but he still managed to do it in his own little way. Matthew would splash, splash, splash in hopes of […]

Mommy, what are you doing?!?!?

I was trying to get a picture of Matthew sitting up like a pro, but I think I surprised him instead…what do you think? (I think Matthew thought I was going to climb in his cage with him!!)

The Fair

Matthew went to his first fair on Thursday last week; and he LOVED it! Here are some of the better pics from the day… Silly Monkey! Family picture time! This was Matthew 20 minutes in… :0)

Did you know that strollers were yummy??