Getting caught up…

Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Not that life’s been busy or anything! Update on Matthew: He is crawling like crazy, walking laps around the coffee table, and getting into all sorts of trouble! He also has turned into a little beggar when there’s food around. And it is oh, so hard to […]

Matthew HATES the new baby gate

Little Mr. Mischievous

Matthew in action…with the Tupperware drawer. (Luckily, its the only drawer/cabinet he’s figured out how to open…for the moment!!)


This last Sunday, we had Matthew dedicated. Doesn’t seem like that long ago, my parents were dedicating me. Wow how time flies! It’s wonderful to know that Paul and I have so much support from a body of believers to help us raise Matthew to grow in the knowledge of our great Savior!


Matthew loves table food… “out with the baby food Mama! Give me the real stuff!!” The pictures say it all!


For Matthew’s first Halloween, we went to Boo Fest, a party thrown by good friends of ours. It was fun to get caught up with everyone, and see how different families have grown over the years. Bethany, Candice, and I were reminiscing on how just a year ago, we were all very pregnant. (us 3 […]

Friend in the mirror