Room of Grace


This. Sometimes pintrest can be a bad thing. I came across this picture, and it truly describes all of my emotions. Some days the pain is closer to the surface than others. But it’s always there. Many people ask how I’m doing. Fine is the general answer. Mostly because I don’t want to start crying, or overwhelm the person asking. So, how I really feel gets shoved down further. I struggle here. I struggle with how much to share. Some have gotten the down dirty truth of all of my emotions. (In the not so quiet corridor of an apartment building. Ha! Sorry about that one!) The struggle for me is knowing when I can feel safe to open up, without fear of judgement, and when to hold back. Because, let me be quite frank and honest, I’m struggling with a lot of ugly, sinful, and hard emotions. The run the gamete from hate to guilt, to fear, to deep deep deep sorrow. I’m not going to go into detail here, it’s not the place. So, I’m asking for a room filled with grace. Some where we can go, share what is on our hearts, knowing that not everyone has it all together. Somewhere where I can go, be honest, not judged, and know that I will be prayed with, over, AND have Truth spoken to my soul. I need it. Oh, how selfishly I need Truths poured into my life right now.

THAT’S IT! My next post WILL be a happy one!! Ha! I promise I’m not a depressing person. Just a sinner, struggling to find my way through the muck of life. :)

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