Crying is over-rated, right?!

I don’t like crying. I’m not a cute cryer. Yet, God has abundantly given me this gift.

Today is hard. Today is not a good day. I want to go back to bed and forget the world. I’m willing to let my house turn into a scene from The Lord of the Flies just to escape. But, I can’t. It’s that simple. I have 3 little boys that need their mommy present. Math lessons need to be taught, and laundry needs to be tackled. The world moves on, but I want today to it stand still. It’s hard to cling to God’s Truths on days like today. I want to hold my baby boy so desperately.

Yesterday was Benjamin’s 2 month birthday. 2 MONTHS!! I need a good cry over him, but I haven’t allowed myself to do that. I don’t know why. Maybe I subconsciously think it’s a sign of weakness, and I don’t want to be weak. I don’t want to fall apart. But I think that’s what is going to happen today. Pray for my boys! Ha! At least it’s not a dreary day.

AND… now the tears are falling…

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