Happy #2!!

Oh, Timothy, where do I start…

You, my dear boy, are a crack up! Even when you are pouting! (Don’t tell Daddy I said that!) :) You have a great joy for life, and absolutely love anything that is VeggieTales. Right now you are sitting in your favorite stroller in the living room watching VeggieTales Live, eating chocolate chip pancakes, singing on the top of your lungs. Yes, singing. You can hardly talk, but you sure do love to sing. I love when I lay you down for a nap, you sing yourself to sleep. Everyday you find a way to make this Momma smile.

If someone were to have told me that at 2 you would still be the biggest Momma’s boy, I wouldn’t have believed them. But, it’s true. Secretly, I love it, don’t ever, ever, ever grow out of it!! 😉

You are your brother’s biggest fan, and I love that you walk up to Matthew and give him the biggest hug you can, and even try to shush him when he is being a bit loud. You love to watch Matthew play the Wii, and even try to help him out in your own special way.

What can I say, I am so in love with you little man! You have such a great personality, and I look forward to see how God uses and develops your special gifts for His glory.

Happy Birthday! Mommy & Daddy love you!!!



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