1 year old

To my dearest Timothy,

How is it that you are turning one already?!? Wasn’t it yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital?? Even from the first ultra sound, I knew you would have a funny personality, and boy is it true! Right down to the grin you give me when we are being silly, to the sad little pouty face you make when you are being disciplined. You even have an undeniable devotion to your big brother. You are always looking for him when you want to play, and you are the first one to try to get Matthew to smile and laugh when he is in trouble or just sad. You are the biggest Mama’s boy, not that I’m complaining! I love how your face lights up as soon as you see me, and your silly little wiggle when you get excited. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for you! Just don’t grow up too fast, and I promise not to blink. Soon, my son, we will be able to celebrate you with all of our friends and family, until then, we will celebrate you tomorrow, just the four of us. I love you little one, my bug-a-boo!









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