Capturing the Cuteness

As I type this, Matthew is walking around in a diaper, my flip-flops, and one of Paul’s old belts around his shoulder. He told me he needed to get ready for work; he needed to check up on Daddy and see if he needed any help. He then proceeded to get my keys out of my purse and out the door to Ruby, our Tahoe. Too bad Paul took the Tahoe to work today, or else I think Matthew may have just driven off! Instead he tromped around on the front porch with a banana. :) I love seeing Matthew’s imagination at work, like a little window into his mind.

Matthew is turning out to be a typical 3 year old. He definitely has his own opinions, and loves to voice them. I feel like I spend most of my days building his character (I’ll just say that instead of disciplining) but he always finds a way to make me smile at some point in the day. He is still in love with anything technical, especially Paul’s or Papa’s iPhones. Birds & Piggies is his favorite game. We’re still working on potty training, and not getting very far. I just figure he is my late bloomer, and I know that he won’t be wearing diapers when he is 30. (or so I hope!!) :)

Timothy will be 5 months old tomorrow. I feel like I have missed out on the baby stage because he is so big. He is wearing the same size clothes as Matthew did when he was 10 months old. Crazy beans!! Timothy is starting to babble a lot, and is totally in with his big brother. I get woken up in the morning by giggle-fests in the next room over. Timothy is starting to get his first tooth, getting ready for some steak with Papa!

I am wishing I could post some updated pictures of both of them, but my hard drive is full, and I can’t get my camera downloaded…big bummer for this mama!

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