3 years old…a little late!

Wow, I’m a mom of a 3 year old! I love seeing Matthew’s heart, joy, and personality as he grows into a little man. He is constantly wanting to take care of Timothy. Matthew loves to hold Timothy’s hand in the car, and will get upset when he can’t reach it. Matthew’s favorite snuggle thing is his baby brother, and Timothy is all giggles and smiles as soon as he hears Matthew’s greeting in the morning. Matthew is a very generous little boy, always wanting to pitch in with a ‘helping’ hand. He is also turning out to be quite the stubborn little boy; and very opinionated. Sometime this can be cute, sometimes, not so much. 😉 So, Happy birthday my little man #1, I love you to pieces!!

Snuggling at bedtime

This is what I found one morning as I got out of the shower.


Birthday boy and his Mickey cake

My labor of love

The Birthday Boy!

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