We had such fun taking Matthew to his first pumpkin patch this year, and Matthew had such a blast! We even carved it the next day! Too bad it didn’t last, I had to throw it away this past Monday. Guess we got a little excited. :)

pumpkin patch
At the patch

Such the big helper

“Mine too Daddy?”

Matthew trying his best to scrape out the guts

Pickin’ out the seeds to toast up later

Putting the seeds back in the pumpkin

“Are you doing it right Dad?”

The finished product!


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  1. Sara Hughes says:

    Yay! Update!! Pumpkin patches are the most fun. I’m inspired by Matthews willingness to put his hands on the ooey gooey gross pumpkin guts…that stuff STILL to this day grosses me out! Cute pictures tricia!

    ... on July October 28th, 2009

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