Catching up…again!

Ok, so I realized that I left off in May with half a thought. So here goes the rest of our trip to Texas, and all the fun stuff our little family has been up to until now.

Texas: After we hit up the aquarium, we headed a few blocks north to the JFK memorial and the 6th floor museum. Honestly, the memorial was a little on the boring side, but the museum was quite interesting. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures inside of the museum, but we got plenty of the outside, including the grassy knoll.

Paul and I also decided it was time for Matthew to take his first trip to the beach. He had a blast! I love seeing and experiencing new things through Matthew’s eyes. Matthew loved the waves and would run toward them any chance he got.

My Auntie Jeanne also was able to come down for a special occasion. (I’ll make a special post about that soon!) I was so much fun to see her again, wished it could have been the whole family, but sometimes you gotta take what the Lord gives with a smile. :) My parents and I stole her for a day and we went to the Santa Ana Zoo. That place is super exciting, and would totally recommend it. ( not to pricey with helped too!)

Well, I think that’s all the major events, but we still have lots of fun in the day to day activities. So I’ll leave you with a few pictures.

JFK Memorial

Inside the memorial

This is the Dallas school book depository, shots came from the sixth floor, the window all the way on the right. (and a fun side note, that Hummer in the picture is a group of actual storm chasers!)

This is the street where Kennedy was shot. The infamous grassy knoll is off on the right.

My goofball enjoying some milk and Amish bread

Catchin’ some waves

Way to excited about the waves to even take a picture

Yummy ice cream! Thanks for having a birthday Dad!

Matthew at the zoo

Anuggling with Gramps on the train

Hi Mama!

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