Ok…so Paul and I came to the realization that we both are completely
insane!! We decided to go to Texas, to do some research on housing for a
possible relocation. So we thought a road trip would be fun. We mapped
it all out, thinking it would take about 20 hours. (after all, that’s
what google said, and google would never lie, right??) HA! We thought we
would be able to drive straight through, so the plan was to leave in the
evening, so Matthew would sleep most of the way there. Well, that worked
out well until we hit the outskirts of San Bernardino County, when the
road became so bumpy it woke Matthew up and he didn’t want to go back to
sleep. Well, he eventually did, whew! We thought we were doing good,
switching back and forth, sharing the drive, catching a few zzzz’s.
Worked well for me, but not Paul. I think he said he only got 30 min of
sleep the whole way there. We made it to El Paso by 7 am, 12 hours since
we left the OC. Not bad I’m thinking, so we stop for a bite and to
stretch our legs and get Matthew dressed and changed. 13, yes 13 hours
later we pull into our hotel. Matthew decided around the last our of
driving that he was completely done with the hole car/driving thing, and
just cried. I was so tired, all I did was cry with him, thinking ‘why
aren’t we there yet? why did google lie??) In case you hadn’t added it
up, it took us 25 hours to get to Dallas Texas! No wonder Matthew wanted
to be done! We all did! All 3 of us slept so well that night! We even
were able to sleep in! So much so, we missed free breakfast!! :) After
we all recovered from our drive, we really enjoyed the rest of our time
there, and even enjoyed having our own car to drive around. Here area
few pics from the road…


Ahhhh….cruise control!


Hi camera!


Momma, I’m all done!!

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  1. Candice says:

    What! I had no idea! We have to talk on Sunday!

    ... on July June 6th, 2009

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