House hunting in Texas

What a complete culture shock for us. We met up with a realtor, with the
expectations that the housing market would be a little similar to what
it is on the OC, as far as supply and demand goes, but boy were we
wrong!! I felt like we were rich looking at these houses! With the
budget we set for ourselves to buy a house out here, we could purchase a
brand new, 4 bedroom house with about 2700 sq ft. (for way under our
budget!!) WOW! Paul and I both fell in love with the architecture of the
houses as well as the general feel of the area. We looked in McKinney
and Frisco. They are both newer cities, nothing really older then 10
years. We still have a hard time wrapping our minds around the fact that
we could purchase something so nice for our family. I only wish we could
find something like that here. Then we wouldn’t be faced with moving
away from all our family and friends. But don’t worry, no decision has
been made about a move. We were mostly doing research for the what
ifs… Here is a little sampling of the houses we loved…


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  1. Sara Hughes says:

    a) Um………what is this all about??!!?!?!?! TEXAS??!?! I submit that this is not a good idea. You would be missed way too much.

    b) But, um…Trisha…that house is GORGEOUS! Buy it and move it to California…

    ... on July June 6th, 2009

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