Fell off the Planet…

OK, I promise I really didn’t! We’ve been pretty busy around here in the past weeks. We had a great party for Matthew’s birthday, and he was able to celebrate with the ones he loves most! Matthew also got his first haircut, and is in the need for another one real soon. Matthew also gave up crawling and is walking around now like a pro! (like this Mama’s not proud enough!) Paul and I are going to start seriously thinking about making a large purchase in the form of a house. (very scary thought!) We also got a little visit in with my grandma and Matthew charmed her socks off. Matthew also moved up in the nursery at church and is now in the toddler room. We just need to work on the going down the stairs thing. Well, doesn’t sound like much, but I feel like my days are non-stop, and my nights not quite long enough. I’ll see if I can get a few pictures up, so stay tuned!

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