Herman the Spider

Meet Herman. Herman decided to build his home across our front door one evening. I personally thing it’s a great spot to make a home, that’s one of the reasons Paul & I live here, but I’m really not ready to share my front door with Herman. So bravely Paul went out and gracefully destroyed Herman’s freshly made web, (I think he was in the process of laying carpet) making sure that Herman didn’t loose his life in this battle. Not all was lost, on this fateful evening. Herman got up the courage to build a new home on our BBQ, just a few inches away from the battle field. I thought this was a location I think both Herman and I can agree on, but when I went to get the newspaper yesterday morning, Herman had packed his bags and moved on, to Hawaii I think. (At least I would!) Farewell Herman, enjoy the next door frame you decide to concur. But just remember, this was completely personal!


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