Saying Good-bye

It was with mixed emotion that I parted ways with Temp Power Systems last week after 8 years of empoyment. But I am so excited to be home with Paul and Matthew! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for our future! Friday was so fun! The girls all threw me a BBQ. It was like old days when all the field guys got off early and we just all hung around catching up. I wouldn’t have traded my last day for anything! Here are a few pics of my last day. (oh, ya, and the wonderfull artistry the girls left all over the Rubster!)

trish's farewell bbq 003.jpg
trish's farewell bbq 006.jpg
trish's farewell bbq 011.jpg
trish's farewell bbq 016.jpg
trish's farewell bbq 051.jpg

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