2 Months Old!!

Can you believe our little man is 2 months old now? I really does seem like just yesterday I was in the hospital just waiting to come home with my new little one. Matthew had his 2 month check up this past Monday. He now weighs 13 lbs, 1 oz, and is 24 1/2 inches long. What at TANK! Tonight Paul and I had the fun of buying some new clothes for Matthew, since he is growing out of his current wardrobe. It seems like he grew out of all my favorites over night. I’m sad that I have to box up all the super cute outfits, especially after he wore a couple of them only once.
Matthew also got his immunizations, not much fun for him or me! We were both a ball of tears by the time the nurse was through. A total of 5 shots and 1 oral. Now we a have a 2 week waiting period to see if he has any type of reaction to the live viruses that he got. Not to mention that Paul and I could catch one of them if we’re not careful changing his diapers. (What a thought!!)
How are we adjusting to having a new baby around? Well, let’s just say, life has it’s moments! I’ve wanted to put him out to sleep on the porch only once, his crying isn’t so frustrating because I’ve realized that he really is a happy baby, and I have gotten used to the fact that every time I sit down to enjoy a meal, that’s when Matthew decided that he is starving, and will cry like the world is coming to an end until he gets a little something in his tummy. So, dinners are eaten cold, and when Matthew does cry, it’s because he needs my immediate attention. But in the end it’s all worth it to see him smile at me as I rock him to sleep at night.

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