Christmas Eve

Well, today was SUPPOSED to be the big day, but as of now, there are still no changes. Looks like we just might have a New Year’s baby after all. (HMMMM, I wonder were he gets his stubbornness from?!?!) :)

It’s been fun and special to be pregnant during this time of year. I’ve been reflecting on Mary and Joseph a ton, what her mind set would have been traveling by donkey-back to Bethlehem, finding out that there wasn’t a ‘sanitary’ or firendly place to have the Savior, and the special calling God requested of her and Joseph to have Jesus. I wish I could have that mindset all year round, of saying ‘Whatever may come, your will be done’. Being so close to having our little one has given me a new perspective on the birth of Jesus.
I pray that all of your families will find something special in this season to reflect on, and remember the miraculous birth of our Lord this week.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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