The last couple days have been a little nightmarish for us (at least me!)…on Tuesday we found out that a swarm of bees wanted to make a home in our apartment attic. All of the sudden we were finding bees in the bedroom and bathroom, stuck to the window trying to get out. Low and behold, we look outside and they are all swarming around the roofline by our front door trying to get in the attic through a teny tiny hole. It took 2 days just for the rental office to get some one out to take care of it. Supposidly they should be gone by tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. So between Matthew and the bees I haven’t gotten much sleep. Everytime I close my eyes, I picture a bee landing on me or Matthew just waiting for one of us to move so it can sting us. I never knew that when you are even the least bit paranoid, a car engine can sound like the buzzing of a bee, sprinklers too!

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